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    9th Indiana Cavalry Regiment (121st Indiana Routine)

    wizz airis aviabiletebiwizz airis aviabiletebi

    9th Indiana Cavalry Regiment (121st Indiana Routine)

    Sumner, James M., Municipal Conflict Recollections, during the Cyrus McCole Municipal Battle Collection. SC1011. You to manuscript folder. No range book readily available. James Yards. Sumner was born in 1839. His memoirs indicate that he had been a member of Co. He entered from Hamilton State, Indiana. Brand new historic record directories their identity as the James June. The fresh remember includes four users out-of transcribed entered amazing hot Tyumen women suggestions during the their army services. The guy notes the fresh fights in which he took part, especially Shiloh, Corinth, Rocks River, and you may Atlanta. The guy indicates that he was released during the Sep 1864 during the Nashville, Tennessee immediately following their horse dropped on your hurting your poorly on Peavine Church, Georgia. After the conflict, James Sumner married Margaret McCole, cousin from Cyrus.

    Thompson, James S., Municipal War Diary, 1864-1865. F 0101. You to definitely reel microfilm. Range book when you look at the library. Which range consists of a diary compiled by James S. Thompson. Thompson is off Shelbyville, and you may enlisted in the October 1861. He was 21 years old at that time. L of 3rd Indiana Cavalry, however, later on reassigned toward eighth Indiana Cavalry, Co. A. He makes reference to getting confused with good Confederate spy, interviewing Partnership sympathizers, together with everyday coming out-of Confederate deserters. The guy frequently writes on the lives once the an excellent cavalryman as well as episodes off ongoing fighting and people of foraging having food and horse fodder.

    Initial he was assigned to Co

    Ward, Williamson D., Civil War Log, 1863-1864. F 0083. One limited reel microfilm. No collection guide offered. Williamson D. Ward is remaining in Howard Condition when he signed up from the 39th Indiana Infantry, Co. D., when you look at the August 1861. His record talks about his whole provider on combat regarding August 1861 as a consequence of we Condition regarding February 1862 is even provided. His journal begins with all the info which he grew up in Clinton State, Indiana in 1841. The guy initiate their journal ever since regarding his enlistment plus a reference to illustrate trip he took from Kokomo to Indianapolis to reach Go camping Morton. The guy mentions his tent, and therefore leakage, and resting on the plank flooring. Go camping every day life is discussed also their attendance within characteristics. In the diary, the guy says almost every other development he get including Morgan’s Raid towards the Indiana and you will Morgan’s simply take. He covers rations and foraging getting himself and his awesome pony. In November 1863, he and his awesome other troops is actually building a cabin. The guy mentions battles and fighting and also seems straight back at the specific ones minutes at the most other affairs in his record. Ward produces out-of their understanding Lincoln’s assassination. Toward the end of their record, he tends to make mention of the lobby his routine while some gotten when they gone back to Indianapolis, also speeches by the Governor Morton and you will Lieutenant Governor Baker.

    Indiana Municipal Combat Carte-de-visite Portraits. 1861-1865. P0310. You to definitely carte-de-visite container. Range publication on the web. The newest range includes Civil Battle point in time carte de visite photos associated to a lot of some other regiments. Particular into the 9th Indiana Cavalry is photographs of the regimental staff, along with participants off Co. An effective, B, D, E, F, Grams, H, I, K, L, and you may Meters. Having the full variety of the fresh new names away from troops of your 9th Indiana Cavalry to own which portraits exists contained in this collection, please comprehend the range publication.

    We of your own 39th Indiana Infantry, identified by the end of your own war as 8th Indiana Cavalry

    Indiana Civil War Artwork Range, 1861-1913, letter.d. P 0455. That postcard field, one or two stereograph packages, you to definitely pic package, that OVA photo field, you to OVB photograph packages, eight OVA visual packages, you to OVB image package, three OVC artwork packets, nine oversize files, several framed factors, three breathtaking photos. Collection publication on the web. This new range comes with a number of different particular graphic material associated with this new Municipal Battle. Certain on 9th Indiana Cavalry is an excellent reunion photo out of October a dozen, 1911.

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